The Dark Eye - Aventuria Adventure Card Game : Heroes Struggle VO

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Ulisses Spiele

Langue : Anglais
Référence : ULIUS25535E
ISBN : 4260091157304
Matériel :

1 rule booklet, 1 hero deck, 1 hero counter, 1 life point counter, 1 fate point, 11 lifepoint/adventure counter, 3 doom/time counter, 41 adventure cards, 19 henchman cards, 16 stone serpent cards, 7 reward cards, 5 demon ability cards


In the Bornland, in the north of Aventuria, in the Horasreich and even in the exotic Uthuria lead the way for the Heros of Aventuria there thy can solve criminal cases, to archive strange missions and to fight against terrifying monsters. They must trust on their wits and their stamina and, most important for a hero of Aventuria: the fellow mates.

Heroes Struggle is the third expansion for the Aventuria Card Game. This box contains six short adventures. Additionally, it introduces a new hero, Rovena, a catwitch.

You need the Aventuria Adventure Card Game Base Set to play this game.

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