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Langue : Anglais
Référence : MUH050020MZ
ISBN : 978-1-910132-18-0


Mutant: Year Zero takes you to the world after the great Apocalypse. Humanity’s proud civilization has fallen. The cities are dead wastelands, winds sweeping along empty streets turned into graveyards. But life remains. Among the ruins, the People live. You are the heirs of humanity – but not quite human anymore. Your bodies and minds are capable of superhuman feats. You are mutants.

The Mutant RPG franchise has three decades of rich history in Sweden, with the first edition released in 1984. This is the game that later developed into Mutant Chronicles to widespread acclaim. Now, for the first time, a version of the original, post-apocalyptic shade of Mutant is released to an international audience. This brand new version of the classic game contains material for hundreds of hours of game time:

269 page full colour core RPG rulebook - everything you need !

  • Create a unique mutant player character – including skills, talents, mutations, gear and relationships – in mere minutes.
  • Push your character’s skills to their limits, releasing amazing mutant powers in the process.
  • Fight fast and furious battles, making every bullet count and using a detailed list of gruesome critical injuries.
  • Set your game in one of the Zones provided – The Big Smoke and The Dead Apple – or create your own Zone, based on your home town.
  • Develop the Ark – your settlement in the Zone – by undertaking Projects, building a new society.
  • Explore the Zone using the grid map and the unique sector generation system that populates the Zone with mutants, monsters and phenomena.
  • Experience the five Special Zone Sectors – scenario locations that can be placed in any sector of the Zone.
  • Search for the mysterious Eden bunker in the Path to Eden campaign frame provided, which includes an epic finale.

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Commentaire 1

le 25/05/2016 à 16h49

Ce bouquin est un véritable bijou: allant droit à l'essentiel, il propose en quelques pages dans chaque chapitre des tas de ressources pour improviser une partie inoubliable. Un univers sombre, bien entendu, mais où brille encore une lueur d'espoir grâce au système de "Projets" de l'Arche, où vous personnalisez votre repaire et lui permettez d'évoluer de séance en séance. Le système des "Menaces" permet au jeu de ne jamais stagner, tandis que le scénario se dévoile petit à petit pour vous révéler l'intrigue et son dénouement hyper surprenant...
Franchement, une perle!

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