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En cherchant sur la toile des renseignement concernant le Moine, je suis tomber sur cette liste de dons en anglais. Es que quelqu'un pourrais m'indiquer de quel(s) obscure supplément(s) ils sont issus?
Cogent Flurry (Combat)
Your flurry of blows ignores the mundane protections of armor and shield.
Prerequisites: ki pool
Benefit: When you flurry of blows, you may expend 3 ki points as a swift action to treat your unarmed attacks as melee touch attacks.
Counterpunch (Combat)
You've learned to hold an attack in reserve for the right moment to thwart an enemy's attack.
Prerequisites: flurry of blows class feature
Benefit: When you use flurry of blows, you can forgo a single attack to gain a circumstance bonus to AC equal to that attack's base attack bonus. You gain this bonus versus one attack which must occur prior to the beginning of your next turn. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. You may choose to apply the AC bonus from this feat after the attacker makes its attack roll, but before the GM announces the result. Use of this feat is a free action.
Crane Strike (Combat)
Your weapon of choice is an extension of yourself.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus, ki pool
Benefit: You may expend 2 ki points as a swift action to deal your unarmed damage instead of your weapon's damage for one round, until the start of your next turn. The weapon must be one for which you have the Weapon Focus feat. All other properties of the attack are unchanged (overcoming damage reduction, critical threat range, etc.).
Drunken Master (Combat)
Your mastery of spirits keeps you in a constant state of hieghtened spirituality.
Prerequisites: Drunken Style, ki pool
Benefit: You can gain one temporary ki point by consuming alchohol as a swift action. A temporary ki point lasts for one hour, or until used. With this feat you can gain up to a number of temporary ki points equal to your monk level. Additionally, you are always considered as having at least 1 ki point remaining.
Special: You can gain no benefit from this feat without access to alchohol.
Drunken Style (Combat)
Your combat prowess is enhanced when drunk.
Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike
Benefit: As a swift action, you can take a drink of alchohol to gain a +1 insight bonus to armor class or unarmed attacks for one round; you choose where to apply the bonus when you activate this feat. For each consecutive round that you use a swift action to remain drunk, the bonus increases by +1, to a maximum bonus equal to your Constitution modifier. When you cease to maintain this feat (by spending a swift action each round), you must make a Fortitude save DC 15 + the number of rounds spent drunk, or become fatigued for one hour.
Special: A typical gord, wineskin, or flask must be held or worn to be ready for use with this feat, otherwise it is a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity to activate this feat, as per the rules for retrieving a stored item. A typical container holds enough alchohol for approximately one hour of drinking. You can gain no benefit from this feat without access to alchohol.
Hadoukyen (Combat)
Your hadou ki technique manifests as a potent orb of energy.
Prerequisites: Ki Focus
Benefit: As a standard action that expends your ki focus, you can make a ranged attack with your hadoukyen against a target within 60 ft. If successful, the orb deals 1d6 damage per two monk levels you possess. You must have two free hands to use hadoukyen. As a move action made in conjuction with the attack, you can expend a number of ki points equal to your monk level to add an additional 1d6 damage per ki point. You must decide to spend the extra ki before the attack roll.
Flying Sleeves (Combat)
You can attack unarmed at range.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (unarmed strike), ki pool
Benefit: You may expend 1 ki point as a swift action to make a ranged unarmed attack with a range increment of 10 feet and a maximum range of 30 feet.
Feather Step
You can move along vertical surfaces as though they were level ground.
Prerequisites: ki pool
Benefit: As long as you have at least 1 ki point remaining, you can move along vertical surfaces as though you had a climb speed equal to half your base speed. You must end your movement on a horizontal surface, or you must make a Climb check (DC = 5 + the wall's DC) or fall. If you do not end your movement on a horizontal surface, using this feat ends your turn. Jumping from a horizontal surface to a vertical one (or vice versa) requires an DC 20 Acrobatics check or 5 feet of movement if the check fails.
Ki Focus
You gain a well-spring of energy from a single mote of ki.
Prerequisites: Monk level 4th
Benefit: You can expend a ki point to gain a ki focus as a move action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. While you have a ki focus, you are treated as having at least one remaining ki point in your ki pool. While you have a ki focus, you can activate any of your basic ki pool abilities (extra flurry, +4 dodge to AC, or +20 ft. speed) without expending a ki point with a successful DC 20 concentration check (1d20 + your monk level + your Wisdom modifier). Should the check fail, you can either spend a ki point as normal or end your ki focus to activate the ability.
Weapon Kata (Combat)
You have learned to mix your flurry of blows with your weapon of choice.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (any manufactured melee weapon)
Benefit: Choose a weapon for which you have the Weapon Focus feat; you may use that weapon as though it were a monk special weapon. You may select this feat more than once, each time applies to a new weapon.
Feather Step (Démarche aérienne) : tu le retrouves page 66 de l'art de la magie et ça correspond au sort p215 de l'APG.
Drunken Master (maître ivre):  renvoie à l'archétype Maître ivre page 111 de l'APG, mais ça n'a rien à voir avec des dons.
Ki focus (focalisation ki) : c'est une propriété spéciale d'une arme trouvable dans le manuel des joueurs p476.
Pour le reste j'en ai aucune idée, le plus simple c'est que tu postes en plus le lien du site où t'as trouvé tout ça.
En tout cas les autres "dons" ont pas l'air d'être dans le manuel de base, l'APG, l'art de la magie et l'art du combat.
C'est ici:
Ce sont des dons que le créateur de ce blog a inventés.
La news qui en parle :
Cela n'a donc rien d'officiel.
Ok! Merci! Dommage pour le premier!