Legendary - A Marvel Deck building Game : Ant-Man Small Box Expansion VO

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Langue : Anglais
Référence : UPD90291
ISBN : 053334902922
Date de sortie : 26/09/2018
Matériel :

Rulesheet and 100 Cards:

  • 5 Heroes (14 cards each) Ant-Man ; Black Knight ; Jocasta ; Wasp ; Wonder Man
  • 2 Masterminds (5 cards each) Morgan Le Fay ; Ultron
  • 2 Villain Groups (8 cards each) Queen's Vengeance ; Ultron’s Legacy
  • 4 Schemes Age of Ultron ; Pull Earth Into Medieval Times ; Trap Heroes In The Microverse ; Transform Commuters Into Giant Ants


Welcome to a world of microscopic science and adventure...welcome to the Microverse! Ant-Man and Wasp are world-renowned adventurers — two of the original founding Avengers. Together, they have fought for justice in the Avengers' greatest victories...and their most terrifying defeats.

Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, has always had a giant ego to match his genius intellect. In a fit of hubris, he created the powerful robotic intelligence Ultron, which eventually built massive legions of robotic soldiers, threatening the world repeatedly and upgrading into a stronger form each time. Legendary: Ant-Man is a 100-card expansion for the Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game that contains five new heroes, two new masterminds, two new villain groups, and four new schemes.

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