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Pas de Color your own broo pour calmer Malia ?

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Godric le Preux

Le problème est que les broos ne sont pas d'accord pour que l'on dessine sur eux content !


Nick Brooke propose un nouveau scénario RQG:

I’ve just uploaded my new short RuneQuest scenario to the Jonstown Compendium. It's called The Duel at Dangerford. The scenario itself is 24 pages long, and features half the Provincial Army of Lunar Tarsh: Drama! Excitement! Betrayal! Foul Lunar Sorcery!

And since only gamemasters and confirmed non-combatants are ever likely to pick it up, I thought it’d be a good place to share some colourful ideas I came up with for The Smoking Ruin and The Dragon of Thunder Hills as appendices. (Warning: here be SPOILERS for both scenarios)

$3.95 pour 37 pages


Nouveau scénario RQG sur the Jonstown Compendium:

A pestilence threatens the crop at Cliffheath.
It festers at the very edge of Sun County and the Sandheart Militia are sent to investigate.
Their orders are simple – purge the area of disease.
But what caused it and where is the source? The clock is ticking.
Can the militia solve the mystery before the situation spirals out of control?

The Corn Dolls is an investigation-based adventure set in the district of Sandheart (detailed in Tales of the Sun County Militia – Sandheart Volume 1).
It is a non-linear adventure requiring the players to follow leads and react to events.
At 45 pages it includes ten handouts/stead maps, a map of Cliffheath, information on each of five farmsteads, key NPC stats and a timeline of events.
It is expected to take between two and five sessions to complete.

$4.95 / 4.50 ¤ pour 45 pages


ça a l'air sympa tout ces pdf sur le jonstown compendium mais difficile de faire la distinction entre le bon, le très bon et le dispensable.

Bon pour le moment , j'essaie de lire le Guide to Glorantha. J'ai déjà de quoi faire content

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Godric le Preux

Rien d'indispensable pour l'instant. Le Guide de Glamour à venir devrait être sympa pour les fans des Lunars.
Et en officiel, le pdf de la VO du recueil de scénario Pegasus ne devrait pas tarder (et prévu en VF pour rappel).

En gratuit, mini scénario par Chris Thomas sur FB:
Little Rumble in the Big Rubble or To trust a Trollkin

Autre nouveauté sur TJC: Monster Of The Month #3 — March 2020: Night of the Quacking Dead

Night of the Quacking Dead is designed to start you and your adventurers out on an adventure into the Upland Marsh, home of the infamous necromancer Delecti. This new bestiary entry includes:

. Brief summary of the Upland Marsh
. A scenario seed in which a new Sword of Humakt, Orlaventus Great-Bill, leads adventurers into the Upland Marsh
. Description of three types of undead ducks—duck skeletons, duck zombies, and the awful duck goliath
. Cover illustration sans logos, suitable for your coloring pleasure

Note: While this supplement can be used stand-alone, it is best used in conjunction with Chaosium's publication Wyrms Footnotes #15 and/or Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes (for full Upland Marsh description).

$1.50 pour 5 pages


Et hop, encore du nouveau sur TJC:

Humakt, Raven, and Wolf is a playable heroquest for RuneQuest : Roleplaying in Glorantha.
It is based on a Gloranthan myth by Ian Cooper, used by kind permission.
The heroquest can be performed in order to locate something that the adventurers need to find, be it a person or an object.
One of the heroquesters must take on the role as Humakt.
This is a short (one session) scenario.
The difficulty can be adjusted by the gamemaster by adding or removing combat opponents.

$3.95 15 pages

Pour les curieux, le mythe de Ian Cooper:


RuneQuest The Coloring Book (art par Andrey Fetisov) est à télécharger gratuitement:


Die Roller RQ pour Windows, offert par Paul Baker:

Just click 'Roll' - it generates random numbers for each die... works out if the % is a critical/Special/Fumble for a range... and hit location for animals and humaniods.... plus a cheap and cheerful SR tracker...

Et pour les fans, une page de ressources sur les Durulz / Canards / Coin-Coin:


En non officiel (mais pas loin), visitez la capitale de l'Empire Lunar avec A Rough Guide to Glamour, disponible en pdf via The Jonstown Compendium, pour $14.95 / 13,70 ¤:

A Rough Guide to Glamour is your indispensible companion for any visit to the capital city of the greatest empire the world of Glorantha has ever known!

This 111-page book contains:

. A comprehensive map, gazetteer and guidebook detailing the capital of the Lunar Empire;
. Portraits and descriptions of eleven Very Important People who can be encountered there, including Moonson, the Red Emperor, and the Lunar hero Jar-eel the Razoress;
. A description and map of the Sultanate of the Silver Shadow, the throbbing heart of the empire;
. Sweeping overviews of the geography and history of the Lunar Empire;
. RuneQuest writeups for the cults of the Red Emperor, the immortal wizard-ruler of the Lunar Empire, and the goddess Glamour, the humble nymph who became the First Inspiration of Moonson;
. Insights into the secrets of Kalikos Icebreaker, the Lunar College of Magic and the Imperial Monopolies of the Etyries cult;
. Never-republished supporting material from the legendary fanzine Tales of the Reaching Moon;
. Rumours, fiction, poetry, and more besides!

This is a thoroughly revised and expanded edition of the original Rough Guide to Glamour, written by Chris Gidlow, Mike Hagen, Nick Brooke, Michael O’Brien, Jeff Richard, Greg Stafford and friends, lavishly illustrated by Dario Corallo, Simon Bray, Julie Hudson and other artists.

Foreword by Jeff Richard, Chair and Creative Director of Chaosium Inc.

A Rough Guide to Glamour was first published as a players’ background book supporting Reaching Moon Megacorp’s Life of Moonson, a 50-player live-action role-playing game that debuted in 1997 and ran in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Revised & Expanded?

The 1998 edition of the Rough Guide to Glamour contained 29,000 words. We have cut out a third of the book: sections either reprinted in or made redundant by the Glorantha Sourcebook (The Lunar Pantheon, Dart Competitions & New Year Ceremony) and sections primarily written to support the freeform Reaching Moon Megacorp’s Life of Moonson (Recent History & a list of Sultanates, Provinces etc. and their rulers). So there are 20,000 words from the old Guide remaining.

The Jonstown Compendium edition of the Guide contains more than 50,000 words.

Most major sections are significantly expanded (eg: the Gazetteer is 60% longer, detailing 117 locations in Outer Glamour; the Rough Guide itself has two new pages on Holidays and Festivals). We have incorporated material from the Guide to Glorantha (a full writeup of the Silver Shadow Sultanate, with new maps by Colin Driver), from Tales of the Reaching Moon (Cult of the Red Emperor, Lunar Government, Satraps & Sultans, Letter from a Monopolist, A Visit to Glamour), and from the epic Yolanelathon (three interlinked stories by MOB and Nick, presented at various conventions in the nineties but never collected under one cover). There is a new 4,000 word writeup of the Cult of Glamour by Jeff Richard, plus obscure rumours, fragments and oddities scattered throughout (eg: Antiquities of Old Glamour, Red Empire, Pelorian Rhapsody, Annual Dinner of the Lunar College of Magic).

If you liked the original Rough Guide to Glamour, we think you’ll like this version even more!

Si besoin, critique de A Rough Guide to Glamour par Andrew Logan Montgomery:


It's a Bronze Age game setting with a strong anthropological bent. It's a mythological world steeped in Joseph Campbell, Georges Dumézil, and Mircea Eliade. It's a neo-traditionalist artifact designed to recall ancient epics like the Iliad, the Mahabharata, or the Enuma Elish.

And it is a world with Ducks.

Not ducks with a lower case "d," Ducks like Howard, Donald, and Daffy; bitter, emo Ducks that brood like Bogart in Casablanca. It's a world where you can be hired by fish, eat at Geo's, and a race of humans are kept as cattle because they lost an ancient bet. The world is flat, it's made of Runes, and heroes come back from the dead so often it would make Jean Grey blush. Essentially, Glorantha is very much a product of the time and the place where it originated, northern California in the late 60s and early 70s. It is a martini mixing equal parts deep and at times pretentious academic speculation with trippy, counterculture nonsense. Shaken. Not stirred. Served with a twist.

A Rough Guide to Glamour is the perfect microcosm of all this. It's epic, mythic, quasi-historic, and profoundly ridiculous. The Emperor looks like Elvis, the official dialect sounds suspiciously like Orwellian Newspeak, and the goddess of the capital (the titular Glamour) might be Debbie Harry (serenaded by lyrics from the Eurythmics). And I haven't even mentioned Pelorian Rhapsody yet. If I had to "elevator pitch" the thing to you I would describe it as the Punica meets the Illuminatus! trilogy.

In short, it is brilliant.

La nymphe Glamour, fille de Tylenea, la Maitresse de l'Illusion, par Antonia Doncheva:

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A Rough Guide to Glamour étant l'actuel n°1 des ventes sur DTRPG, on retourne en Sartar avec White Stone Ruins par Paul Baker, Red Deed Saga # 1 sur 3, 1625, $10 / 9,20¤ pour 88 pages:

White Stone Ruins is a source book and scenario set in the Namoldin lands of Arfritha Vale.
It details the history of the Namoldin clan and their tribe the Malani, and details some of the settlements of that area.

This document contains the majority of the background and areas of interest, as well as a short adventure which has later repercussions.

The other two booklets expand on locations, customs, and the people of the tula:

. Elgar's Blade – Two adventures with further clan information.

. The Back Edge of the Sword – A further adventure and further details of Tula.


oO avec Elvis sur la couv ...

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Grand Strateger

Oui : bizarre, ce truc... Inclassable?


La rouquine me rapelle Eva Green content

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  • Leup

Idem je pense à elle aussi !


les illus sont vraiment d(un niveau inégales


le type à gauche je pense que c'est Danny DeVito et la grande à droite Gwendoline Christie.

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Nan, c'est Sophia Loren, la couv étant réalisée par l'italien Dario Corallo, illustrateur de fanzines Gloranthiens depuis un bon quart de siècle!
La couv se veut donc être un hommage envers celles des années 90, la 1ère version Guide de Glamour datant de 1997.
La version actuelle du Guide est fortement enrichie et vaut le coup (et coût) si on désire jouer ches les Lunars, surtout si on dispose pas du Guide to Glorantha.
Et non, au cours de partie, on n'est pas obligé de faire ressembler l'Empereur, fils de la Lune, à Elviscontent !


Nan, c'est Sophia Loren


Là je dis non ! content

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Sinon, annoncé par Studio Deadcrows sur FB: pour les participants à la VF de RQG, prévoyez du temps libre pour de la lecture d'ici la fin du mois :D !

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