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Set de dés - Call of Cthulhu Abyssal and White

Expédition sous 48h
En stock


Référence : SCTH3F
ISBN : 5907699495979
Matériel :

7 dés : d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 (dizaines), d12, d20

En quelques mots : Q WORKSHOP presents The Call of Cthulhu Abyssal & white Dice Set.
These dice are dark blue like the deep ocean, where small beings mix with the floating dust.
Digits are bright white for legibility, like a streak of light hurting your eyes in the darkness.
The highest face is adorned with the Elder Sign, ideal for disturbing Lovecraftian setting.

Being in a vast emptiness of outer space, or in the overwhelming depths of the ocean, you feel the same thing: loneliness in the face of something you cannot see, or even fathom. You can pray if you’re a believer, you can swear if you’re a skeptical person, you can weep and cry, mourning your own fate. You can do whatever you like, but in this place, no-one will hear you scream. And you won’t bother. Not until the bright, blinding presence suddenly reaches out for you...

  • Immersion — The Elder markings on the dice faces are mesmerizingly whispering about unimaginable phenomenons waiting for you to uncover them. Be it for knowledge, or insanity...
  • Compatibility — These dice are usable with each Call od Cthulhu edition, and with other games, as the limits are only in your imagination.
  • Legibility — No need to strain your eyes to see what’s the result of your sanity test. It’s always below expectations. But you will see it clearly nonetheless
  • Ominosity — Even when you simply hold the dice on your palm and look at them, they seem to draw you deeper. Do the tentacles of Lovecraftian horrors twitching, or is it just your imagination?
  • Striking contrast — You don’t expect the bright white color in the void or abyss. You simply don’t. But it’s there. This time visible outright, so your heart won’t jump out of your chest with pure terror.

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