Campaign Coins: Deven Rue Compass Rose

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Campaign Coins

Référence : KCGDRCOM
ISBN : 646492823729

North to Adventure!

This stunning metal compass rose is designed by Deven Rue, the incomparable Mistress of Maps. She is famous for her hand drawn cartography and illustrations (

The Deven Rue Compass Rose is a beautiful art object, but is also designed for gaming sessions. The metal compass can be placed on any map to clearly show which way is North, and it is also heavy enough to act as a paperweight. It is perfect for world maps and also brilliant for tactical maps. It is two inches from side by side, and sits exactly inside a 2x2 square, with each compass arm perfectly aligned to the grid. The cut outs clearly show the map underneath, and also make it easy to attach to a chain.

The Deven Rue Compass Rose is 50 mm diameter and over 4 mm thick. It is heavy, weighing 40 grams. It has an antique metal finish.

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