Campaign Coins: Tavern Change Set

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Campaign Coins

En quelques mots : Campaign Coins RPG Treasure sets bring treasure worthy of your greatest adventures to your gaming table. Roleplaying games are so much more immersive when you play with real metal coins instead of just writing down your loot.

Coins For The Inn!

The TAVERN CHANGE SET is for a mug of beer, a hunk of cheese, room for the night.
Here you will find low-denomination copper and silver coins, in a Green velvet bag with the Campaign Coins logo.

The set contains the following 50 coins:

  • 1-Copper (x20) - 19 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
  • 5-Copper (x5) - 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
  • 1-Silver (x20) - 19 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
  • 5-Silver (x5) - 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
  • Plus, in this special edition set there are 4 bonus coins:
  • 2-Copper (x1) - 18 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
  • 2-Silver (x1) - 18 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
  • 10-Copper (x1) - 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
  • 10-Silver (x1) - 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thick

The 1-coins are round and the 5-coins have different shapes, making them easy to tell apart in play. The coins are real metal, made from an alloy with antique copper and antique silver plating.

All coins are designed by Australian artist Lee Smith, from the Classic Fantasy range from Campaign Coins (
Don't forget to tip the innkeep while you enjoy the local ale and ask for rumours of nearby adventures!

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