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Monte Cook Games

Langue : Anglais
Référence : MCG245
ISBN : 9781950568079
Date de sortie : 15/06/2020
Matériel :

304 pages en couverture rigide

En quelques mots : There are powers even greater than magic . . .

Since the very early days of tabletop RPGs, gamers have experimented with mixing a bit of science fiction into their fantasy. From Empire of the Petal Throne to Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, early adventurers into the realm of RPGs saw the amazing promise that mysterious and weird science-fantasy elements could add to their fantasy campaigns.

Nowadays, who knows science-fantasy better than Monte Cook Games?

Arcana of the Ancients brings the wonders of mysterious technology and weird science-fantasy elements to your fantasy campaigns. Designed by fantasy masters Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell, and Sean K. Reynolds, this gorgeously illustrated sourcebook gives you everything you need to add a whole new element to your Fifth Edition game

Arcana of the Ancients includes:

  • Hundreds of cyphers, artifacts, and other items that incorporate science-fantasy technology.
  • Over 50 science-fantasy creatures, each with awe-inspiring artwork and complete 5e stat blocks.
  • Pages of GM advice and guidelines for adding science fantasy concepts to any existing fantasy campaign—or building a brand new science fantasy campaign from the ground up.
  • The Hills of Crooked Sleep, a hefty adventure you can insert into your campaign right now to introduce ancient civilizations, weird technology, and new strange creatures. Plus additional full-length adventures!
  • An introduction by Jim Davis and Jonathan Pruitt of Web DM.

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Skarn Ka
le 03/07/2020 à 10h05

vous avez raison, c'est corrigé

le 17/06/2020 à 15h37

Merci Bouclette j'allais poser la même question

le 16/06/2020 à 22h59

Ah oui ça change la donne, merci pour la précision.

le 16/06/2020 à 18h25

En vrai c'est 304 pages en couverture rigide

le 16/06/2020 à 14h09

le descriptif est bon ? C'est vraiment un livret souple de 64 pages ? Car le prix me semble surréaliste si c'est le cas !

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