Animal Adventures: Cats and Catacombs: Vol 2

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Langue : Anglais
Référence : SFAACC-002
ISBN : 5060453694596
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Boîte contenant 6 figurines en plastique à peindre, pour vos jeux de plateau ou vos parties de jeux de rôles.

En quelques mots : Animal Adventures brings intelligent animal characters to your favourite fantasy roleplaying game! Dungeons and Doggies is the first in a planned series of Animal Adventures releases! Featuring a set of highly detailed miniatures combining some favourite dog breeds with the different classes of the fifth edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game!


Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs is a series of miniatures that bring feline adventurers to any tabletop gaming campaign.

Sonya, the self-assured Main Coone fighter brings a band of scoundrels on a search for treasure and glory!

The contents on Volume 2 are:

Sonya, the Maine Coone Fighter
Han, the Dragon Li Monk
Indy, the Ragdoll Bard
Solan, the Persian Warlock
Verdandi, the Norwegian Forest Druid
Barnabas, the Korat Paladin

Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs is fully supported by a 5e compatible rules set available from which presents racial and class rules, feats and items for building your own unique kitty characters and world building advice, campaign tips and more to integrate these faithful friends into any campaign.

Vous pouvez télécharger tout ce qu'il faut pour jouer (règles pour la création du PJ-chat, scénario et battle-map sur le site de l'éditeur ici.

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