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Spell Effects - 5E Druid is a perfect spell effects pack for druids of all shapes and sizes! Includes classic spells like Faerie Fire, Entangle, Darkness, Moonbeam, and Call Lightning, but also includes animal summoning tokens and 1", 2", and even 3" tokens for Wild Shape and Polymorph too!

Double-sided printing on transparent plastic, with graphics on one side, and helpful notes on the other to remind you of damage codes, saving throws, and other key details, and designed specifically for your game edition.

This 3 sheet kit will covers almost every spell you'll ever need for your Druid. A fantastic aide for both player and GM.

Includes 18 area spells, additional 25 tokens, and a rangefinder.

Includes a number of 1" reference tokens for buffs, debuffs, and note markers. Also includes 8x small animal summoning tokens (summon a pile of wolves or elk!), and various wild shape tokens. Includes a Rangefinder with many key spells.

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