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Langue : Anglais
Référence : RMTC007
ISBN : 978-91-984759-6-8
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harcover, 144 pages


Stormlands is a book that offers wild rapids, dark forests and exciting stories. It is the book of the wild Stormlands in which you will find everything you need to know to place your campaign in a grand and mysterious environment.

This sourcebook for Trudvang Chronicles contains:

  • an overall description of the culture, celebrations and ways of living in the Stormlands,
  • a deep dive in the Gerbanis religion and its mysterious blot sacrifices and rituals,
  • a general map of the Stormlands as well as specific maps for each area and country,
  • the history, geography, cities and mythical locations for each ten areas forming the Stormlands,
  • new Stormlander archetypes, such as Sea Wolf, Storm Maiden, Battleborn, Vedun, Berserker and others,
  • new tables with special Stormlander Traits and Abilities, as well as the new Regional Traits.

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