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Langue : Anglais
Référence : BKSTCHJCG002
ISBN : 978-1-9998086-2-4
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couverture souple, 20 pages N&B

En quelques mots : The Cthulhu Hack is a tabletop role playing game of investigative cosmic horror set against the backdrop of the universe Howard Lovecraft created in his classic stories.


For those moments when your players have taken the inevitable path away from whatever you have planned, From Unformed Realms provides the ideal tool for conjuring up a flash of inspiration.

Across 20-horror-packed-pages, the system-free supplement provides myriad options for the random creation of horrific nightmares and unnameable monstrosities.

You can either roll randomly with three 6-sided dice or flick to a random page and choose a numbered section, then inflict the content on your appreciative players. Whether creating horrors from scratch or adding spice and unpredictability to mainstays of the Mythos, 'From Unformed Realms' is an essential GMs tool.

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