Black Void: Arbiter's Screen VO

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Langue : Anglais
Référence : MUH051838
ISBN : 978-87-93781-04-7
Matériel :

écran 4 volets, livret 12 pages


This four panel screen provides Arbiters with a practical barrier to shield notes and other information from the players as well as a range of convenient reference tables. The hand-picked cover art helps set the scene and enhance the ambient atmosphere on the gaming table for all your adventures in the BLACK VOID.

The supplementary codicil contains additional tables and a creature size overview for easy reference.

Survival is only the beginning...!

Following cataclysmic events on Earth the fragile Veil between reality and the Void was shattered and mankind seemed all but perished. You are descendants of the survivors from Earth, the lost cradle of humanity. Llyhn is your home now. Swarming with outlandish life forms, eccentric Daimons and fickle demigods; it is a swelling cosmopolis of intrigue, wonder, treachery, corruption, beauty, decadence and eldritch menace. Behind you lie the smouldering ruins of a once great species trying to reclaim former glory, before you the mysteries of Llyhn and a vast treacherous Cosmos…!

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Car Valno
le 01/09/2019 à 13h33

Ou l'écran est en métal doré à l'or fin ... Ou les frais de port sont des frais de porc !

Nico du deme de Naxos
le 30/08/2019 à 18h42

C’est juste moi ou bien il y a un petit souci sur le prix ?

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