Würm RPG - Tales of the Antler Bearers, Voice of Ancestors Vol 1 VO

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Nocturnal Media

Langue : Anglais
Référence : CHA7415
ISBN : 978-1-64013-002-9
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couverture souple, 56 pages N&B


More adventure at the very origins of humanity!

Würm is a system-lite RPG set in the last period of the Ice Age 35,000 years ago. This first installment of the Voice of the Ancestors series present four new scenarios for your Würm game.

  • The Red Crown is an open scenario in which the characters must navigate the complex intrigues within their own tribe.
  • The Ocher Hill is an initiation scenario designed for both child and adult characters.
  • What Lies in Wait sees a group of Bear-men trying to work with their Long Men neighbors to appease their Guardian Spirit.
  • And The Great Silence is an epic quest wherein the characters battle a dark curse that could well drive them out of their minds.

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