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Langue : Anglais
Référence : FFGSWR11
ISBN : 9781633443433
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Hardcover, 144 pages, full color


Rise of the Separatists explores the early days of the Clone Wars, and is fully compatible with every Star Wars Roleplaying Game Line including Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny!

Within this 144 page sourcebook, you’ll find expanded player character options, new weapons, gear, and vehicles, profiles of famous Clone Wars era characters and GM guidance for running a campaign in this era, and more!

For the first time, Rise of the Separatists allows you to play as a Clone Trooper in their own career path! Take on the responsibility of leading your allies to victory with the Clone Officer, take to the skies with the Clone Pilot, or stand on the front lines as a Clone Trooper. These are just a few of the new careers available in Rise of the Separatists—as you'll soon learn, the book contains even more options for Clone Wars-era heroes!

Rise of the Separatists also features four new species for character creation, who came to fame during the Clone Wars. You might serve the Republic as a Clone, expand your industrious mind as a Geonosian, learn the secrets of cloning as a Kaminoan, or dwell in the shadows as an Umbaran. Each of these species begins the game with unique starting skills and inform your background in the Star Wars galaxy.

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