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Kobold Press

Langue : Anglais
ISBN : 978-1-936781-91-1
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Hardcover, 128 pages, full color



Mystery & Death Stalk Midgard!

Midgard Sagas presents six 5th Edition adventures for characters from levels 3 to 8. All six adventures were originally designed to be playable in a convention time slot of four to six hours, so they’re packed with fast action.

  • MURDER ON THE CROSSROADS (LEVEL 3) : An unnatural blizzard has characters trapped inside a famous general’s mansion, and a murderer is loose among them!
  • MADMAN AT THE BRIDGE (LEVEL 4) : Saboteurs have attacked the Puffing Bridge, bringing Zobeck to a halt. Characters must fight their way past the clockwork guards and defuse the situation—literally!
  • THE MHALMET HEIST (LEVEL 5) : Characters are hired to pull off a heist at one of the poshest—and most heavily guarded—nightclubs in Mhalmet. This shadow job will take extensive planning, timing, stealth, and nerves of steel.
  • RAIDERS OF THE CHAMBER OF TOMORROWS (LEVEL 6) : A time-warping artifact was recovered from the scene of a crime. To find out who wants it and why, characters must locate the ruined elven city of Thorn and brave the dangers of the legendary Chamber of Tomorrows.
  • TO WAKE WAR (LEVEL 7) : Dust goblin tribes are gearing for war in the Wasted West. It’s up to the characters to infiltrate the dust goblins’ remote territory, discover their secret, and put a halt to their plan before it dooms the entire region.
  • BLOOD OF A FALLEN STAR (LEVEL 8) : Infection from space is ravaging the Northlands! Dwarven raiders with rotted brains attack their neighbors, their friends, even their own families. Finding the source of the infection is easy; destroying it won’t be!

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