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Langue : Anglais
Référence : WTCC61170000
ISBN : 978-0-7869-6666-0
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Hardcover, 32 pages, full color



t’s never too early to jump into the world of Dungeons & Dragons and now it’s even easier for children to let their inner elf shine through.

In the 123s of D&D, a child can get their first glimpse into the world of Dungeons & Dragons as they learn the their early numbers—a precursor to every new path in counting. With read-aloud friendly rhyming couplets from Ivan Van Norman and adorable illustrations from Caleb Cleveland, it’s a perfect birthday gift or holiday gift for gamers of all ages; a great thank you gift for Dungeon Masters; and a must for baby showers.

Complete the series with The ABCs of D&D, a children’s counting book and companion to The 123s of D&D.

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XO de Vorcen
le 19/12/2018 à 13h27

Des lapicornes ! smiley
Sûr que c'est Lara qui a fait du lobbying smiley

le 29/12/2018 à 14h56

Perso j'adore et ma petite va aimer aussi, j'en suis sur.
Surtout que ça raconte une mini histoire, c'est trop mignon

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