Star Trek Ascendancy - Borg Assimilation VO

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Gale Force Nine

Langue : Anglais
Référence : GFNST027
ISBN : 9781945625602
Matériel :
  • 9 Borg Dice
  • 7 Borg System Discs (2 Transwarp Conduit, Transwarp Hub, Electrokinetic Cloud, Paulson Nebula, Argolis Cluster, Ohniaka)
  • 20 Borg Technology Cards (Ramming Speed, Central Plexus Access, Adaptive Shielding, Cortical Relay Recovery, Assimilated Cultural Archive, Nano-Data Linkage, Transwarp Coil, Transphasic Torpedoes, Modified Borg Shield Plating, Data: Vinculum Position, Masked Warp Signature, Interspacial Manifold Access, Neurolytic Pathogen, Transwarp Conduit Data, Subspace Field Emitter, Magnetometric Charges, Borg Telemetry Node, Differentiated Modulation, Re-Engineered Nano Probes, Collective Data Linkage)
  • 30 Borg Command Cards (2 Assimilation: Expedited, 9 Move: Target - Developed System (3 1-Warp, 4 2-Warp, 2 3-Warp), 5 Move: Target - Starbase (3 2-Warp, 2 3-Warp), 4 Move: Target - Home System (2 2-Warp, 2 3-Warp), 2 Move: Collective, 4 Command: Aggression (3 white, 1 red), Command: Resurgence, 2 Collective: Linkage, Polaron Field Desruption)
  • 20 Exploration Cards (2 Assimilation: Level One Civ (1 white, 1 red), 2 Assimilation: Level Two Civ (1 white, 1 red), 2 Assimilation: Level Three Civ (1 white, 1 red), 2 Borg Cube (1 white, 1 red), Borg Salvage, 5 Borg World (2 white, 3 red), 2 Damaged Borg Scout Sphere (1 white, 1 red), 2 Isolated Borg Drone (1 white, 1 red), 2 Transwarp Beacon)


Star Trek: Ascendancy – Borg Assimilation adds an all-new threat to the game. The Borg are an independent menace, attacking players' ships and assimilating civilized worlds. If the Borg are not dealt with, they could overwhelm the Galaxy. Can the great civilizations put aside their rivalries long enough to face the Borg as a united front? Or will they try to combat the Borg onslaught individually, seizing Borg technology for themselves?

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