Legendary - A Marvel Deck building Game: Marvel Studios Phase 1 VO

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Langue : Anglais
Référence : UPD90291
ISBN : 053334902922
Date de sortie : 26/09/2018
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393 cards, 7 Heroes, 3 Masterminds, 5 Villain groups, 4 Henchmen groups, 8 Schemes, 4 Special Bystanders, 24"x11" rubber playmat, full color rulebook.


Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the global theatrical phenomenon known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this limited-edition addition to the Legendary family of deck-building card games features star-studded, action-packed, iconic imagery pulled directly from Marvel’s phase one collection of movies. In this game, you are leading fan favorite Marvel Super Heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor to trounce Super Villains! This limited-edition release is 100% compatible with all previous Legendary Marvel releases, theatrical or comics based, for countless combinations of seamless scenarios.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game is a semi-cooperative deck-building game for up to 5 players. Players choose a team of heroes to fight against a Mastermind and the Villains aligned with them. Players win the game if they successfully attack the Mastermind four times. They lose if the Mastermind is able to complete their Scheme, or if the Villain deck runs out. Imagine each scenario where heroes battle villains in an overall scheme or story arc, and it is much like a story told on the pages of a Marvel comic book!

Highlights of this new core set include 12 new Villains and 1 new Mastermind. The entire set also contains images from Phase 1 of the MCU. All of the contents are playable with all other Legendary: Marvel expansions currently available.

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