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Torg Eternity - Eternity Dice Set VO

Délai d'expédition indéterminée
Rupture de stock

Ulisses Spiele

Langue : Anglais
Référence : ULIUNA10001
ISBN : 9783957526588
Matériel :
  • 2 exclusive Torg d20
  • 2 exclusive Torg d6
  • 3 Road to Glory cards



Lightning strikes and the die roll a 10 or a 20 ! Leave the die and roll another, or place a card with the appropriate number on the table and roll again. Add another dice or card if another 10 or 20 appears. Add up all the dice and card placeholders to get the die total for the roll.

Dice added to lucky rolls like this are one of the ways a Storm Knight can get truly spectacular die totals that can trigger a Glory Destiny card.

This blister pack contains two d20 and 2 six-sided “bonus dice.” All the dice have the distinctive mixed red and blue coloring of the original Torg dice. The bonus die’s sixth side is an eternity symbol.

The pack also contains three card inserts useful for keeping track of “exploding” dice when a 10 or 20 result allows for another die to roll and add. The cards are double-sided with a 10 or 20 so cards may be used as placeholders while the die is rolled again.

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