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The Dark Eye - Aventuria Adventure Card Game : Arsenal of Heroes VO

Délai d'expédition indéterminée
Rupture de stock

Ulisses Spiele

Langue : Anglais
Référence : ULIUS25531E
ISBN : 4260091157335
Matériel :

1 Rulebook ; 9 Aventuria dice (5 d6 and 4 d20) ; 60 action cards to complete the basic set ; 2 copies each of 8 additional promotional cards


Arbosh had driven Carolan into a corner and gotten ready to take him out with a huge blow of his Ox-Herd when he realized to his surprise that he wasn’t holding the weapon in his hand. “Are you looking for this?” said Carolan, triumphantly raising the stolen weapon over his head.

“You disgusting little thief!” Arbosh spat out and reached into his backpack with an annoyed grunt...and pulled out another Ox-Herd from it! “Luckily, I always go with two of them these days,” he added with a grim smile. “Let’s see which of us is better at wielding it!”

Surprise your opponents with completely new decks! Arsenal of Heroes is a duel expansion for Aventuria - the Adventure Card Game, dedicated to deck customization and tournament play. It includes rules for running tournaments, deck strategies, and extra cards to fill out your Base Set so that you have at least two of every card!

You need the Aventuria Adventure Card Game Base Set to play this game.

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