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Langue : Anglais
Référence : CAT27760
ISBN : 856232002530
Matériel :

24 Tool Cards ; 15 Countermeasure Cards ; 6 Megacorporation Cards ; 8 Data Cards ; 21 Data Tokens ; 20 Greek Mark Cubes ; 20 Blue Mark Cubes ; 1 Rules Booklet


You are the contagion. You are the fear. You are the thing that makes the megacorporations of the world tremble. In the world of Shadowrun, the Corps thinks they have everyone and everything under their thumb, but they don`t have you - the hacker in the Matrix, the fly in the ointment. You know where the world`s deepest secrets are buried - and you have the weapons needed to fight to bring them out! Hack your way through corporate countermeasures in Zero Day, a fast-and-furious, two-player card game set in the Shadowrun universe.

In Shadowrun: Zero Day, two players duel as they each launch a zero day attack against the various Megacorporations of the Sixth World. The goal is to determine who has the brains, guts, and gear to obtain the most paydata in trade secrets, credentials, passwords, nuyen (the currency of Shadowrun) and so on, before the besieged corps can shut the vulnerabilities down.

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