Bourse à dés : Magic the Gathering Treasure Nest

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Langue : Anglais
Référence : UPR86437
ISBN : 0-74427-86437-8
Matériel :

1 bourse à dés, mesure environ 15 x 21,5 cm

Emblazoned with the iconic Magic: The Gathering planeswalker symbol, this Treasure Nest is ideal for carrying your dice, figures, and any other battle implements to your next gaming session! Featuring a high quality, soft fabric with velvet-like inner liner and a secure, sliding drawstring clasp, you can be sure your loot is well protected. Measures 6.25 in x 8.5 in.

  • Uniquely designed storage for dice, tokens and other small game accessories
  • Soft, premium fabric with velvety inner liner
  • Featuring the iconic Magic: The Gathering planeswalker symbol

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