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Monte Cook Games

Langue : Anglais
Référence : MCG089
ISBN : 978-1-939979-64-3
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Hardcover, 144 pages, full color


The essential gamemaster’s companion for adventure building in the weird and wondrous Ninth World

Mysterious, powerful, and usually dangerous, the vast ruins of 
the prior worlds contain secrets and marvels beyond imagining. Explore one such gigantic ruin—the Jade Colossus—in detail. Or create your own, using the Numenera Ruin Mapping Engine to create ancient sites large or small, with all the wonder and weirdness you expect in the Ninth World setting.

Run an entire campaign around the Jade Colossus, use the site for one or a handful of adventures
 in your existing campaign, or use this book to create dozens of
 other prior-world sites, building an amazing campaign filled with imagination and awe-inspiring adventure.

This book includes:

  • The Jade Colossus, a massive prior-world site that emerged recently from the earth. Brave the Yovok Hive, navigate Wranna’s Way, or seek the Canticle at the heart of the Red Labyrinth.
  • Ballarad, a prosperous but isolated city partially uprooted by the Colossus. Explore the Mirror Fortress, trade at the Ceaseless Market, or seek information at the Church of the Whisper.
  • The Numenera Ruin Mapping Engine, a robust system for generating maps and content for prior-world sites. Expand the uncharted areas in published adventures, make the Jade Colossus even bigger, or create entire new prior world ruins for your campaign, with all the mystery and weirdness of the Ninth World baked right in!
  • New character options, including new foci and new organizations, as well as new creatures to encounter.
  • Great advice for building new campaigns that make the most of the weird Ninth World setting, as well as for integrating the sites in this book into your ongoing campaign.

Explore a mysterious ruin of the prior worlds—or create an infinite supply of mysterious and wondrous ancient sites for your campaign.

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