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Langue : Anglais
Référence : S2P11205
ISBN : 978-1-944413-29-3
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One double-sided, erasable, poster map.

En quelques mots : Savage Rifts® brings the incredibly popular world of Palladium Books’ Rifts® to the award-winning Savage Worlds system by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The gates of the Megaverse® bring infinite challenge and adventure to a war-torn world struggling to build its future.

The Heroes of the Tomorrow Legion are called to defend that future.


Who knows what will come through the Rift?

What insane foe is perched in the center of the nexus point, siphoning the energy to fuel her evil powers?

The Wasteland Portal map features a portal to a verdant forest glade. The Ley Line side of the map shows a ley line crossing a wasteland.

The maps are printed on sturdy 24 x 30 inches cardstock and are wet, dry, and even permanent marker erasable.

Ce produit nécessite le livre de base Savage Worlds, Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide et Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook pour jouer.

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