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Langue : Anglais
Référence : GGPIZF01
ISBN : 978-1-944413-40-8
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Hardcover, 352 pages



Interface Zero is a sci-fi/cyberpunk game set on Earth in the year 2090. This version of Interface Zero 2.0 is powered by the Fate game system, published by Evil Hat Productions

In this dark and grimy world of corrupt, power-mad governments, greedy Mega-corporations and fringe science-gone-wild, you play Ronin: rogue street operatives who make their living doing the things nobody else can, or will, do. You have no master, no loyalties beyond your bank balance. Your only friends are those of convenience. Your tools of the trade are computer code, high-powered weapons, combat drones, cybernetic augmentations, mental powers and maybe even a little bit of luck.

In 2090, the line between human and non-human has blurred to the point where the word "human" is little more than an abstract concept.Fully-sapient androids walk the streets alongside vat-grown simulated bio-forms. These bio-forms are known as simulacra, or "sims" for short. The science of hybridization allows anyone with enough cash or credit to splice her DNA with anything from a beetle to a rhino. The human genome has been hacked; rewritten to suit the latest fashion trends.

Technology has increased to the point where we can augment our bodies with cybernetic implants, or even completely replace body parts. Most of these, such as the Tendril Access Processor, help us in our daily lives. Of course, there are other reasons to get "cybered," omae. If you want to stay at the top of the food chain, if you want to get the best jobs the mean streets have to offer, you need an edge. Cyberware gives you that edge.

Below is a small list of the new material you'll find in the book.

  • Setting and character aspects to give your game a high-tech dystopian edge.
  • Five ways to leave humanity behind. Play as a fresh-from-the-factory android, a vat-grown simulacrum, a heavy metal cyborg, a bioroid with a human body and a digital brain, or a beast-like DNA-spliced hybrid.
  • A list of occupations you can choose from to give your character a place in the world and a reason to get into trouble.
  • Archetypes to help you build characters in a flash and jump into the action!
  • Fate-friendly wealth rules that let you collect bounties, buy equipment, and get into debt.
  • Stunts tailored for the threats, tools, and environments you’ll find in the year 2090.
  • An extensive equipment catalog for street soldiers, including tools, vehicles, weapons, and armor.
  • Cybernetic and nanotech augments to upgrade your body and your brain.
  • Rules for building and piloting drones, because sometimes the only allies you can trust are the ones you built with your own hands.
  • Cyber warfare rules that let you hack anything you see, from that corporate tower downtown, to the brain of that security guard on the corner.
  • Powered armor for every occasion, from light and agile scout suits all the way up to three-story-tall, missile-launching, armor-crushing golemmechs.
  • Psychic abilities. Use the power of your mind to channel electricity, start fires, read the thoughts of your enemies (and friends), and defy the limits of muscle and machine.
  • Enemies including cybered-up gang members, savvy sysops, and murderous robots.
  • Guidelines for building urban sprawls and soulless corporations using the Fate rules.
  • Setting and character aspects to give your game a high-tech dystopian edge.

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