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Langue : Anglais
Référence : MUH050006
ISBN : 978-1-910132-31-9
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130 pages, couverture souple.



The Power of Heritage

Bauhaus makes the bold claim that they are the first and oldest of all corporations, forged by the turmoil of Old Earth, although their power base now resides firmly amidst the swamps and jungles of Venus. They are a proud, powerful and dignified people that stand tall in the light of the Cardinal, implacable enemies of the forces of darkness which have engulfed mankind in the futuristic solar system of the Mutant Chronicles' universe. Noble houses and orders of power makes Bauhaus into a multifaceted gem that it is near impossible to crack. Their enemies have a hard time even scratching the surface.

  • Tradition: Learn of the Bauhaus way and get insight into the many noble houses. Competition is fierce and a slight can lead to a deadly duel.
  • Orders: These are the powers behind the throne, influential and feared in ways few can imagine.
  • Venus: Bauhaus inhabits one of the most diverse and dangerous home worlds. From frozen tundra to disease riddled jungle swamps. These settlers can tame the harshest of environments.
  • Machine of War: Their armies and armadas generates respect, fear and jealousy. Delve deeper into the iconic arsenal, tactics and special forces that has paved the way for the corporation’s success.

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