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Langue : Anglais
Référence : CAT27101
ISBN : 9781936876921

The Shadowrun Beginner Box Set is the easiest way to launch into adventure on the mean streets. Learn the ins and outs of the Sixth World, get a grasp on key concepts, blast away with big guns, and sling spells like a prime runner!

The Beginner Box Set contains:

  • Edge of Now, a booklet full of paydata on living in (and surviving!) the Sixth World.
  • Quick-Start Rules that boil down the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition rules into key concepts that will have you rolling dice immediately
  • Character Record Sheets for five fully statted shadowrunners
  • A detailed character booklet that contains a solo adventure!
  • Other tools and information to help you keep the adventures and excitement going!

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JPh Auger Les Griffons
le 25/05/2016 à 18h10

Salut ! Est il prévu une traduction en français ? Ce serait un super outil pour faire entrer les nouveaux joueurs dans le monde de Shadowrun smiley

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