Kaiser's Gate (Savage Worlds) Softcover VO

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Battlefield Press

Langue : Anglais
Référence : S2PBPI1171
ISBN : 9780972141925


Sorcerers of the German Imperial Army - fueled by the magic of red dragons - bulldoze Allied defenses and push deep into France. Heroic griffin riders of the French Air Service fight to free their nation from the daily terror of zeppelin bombing raids. British golems squads fight alongside tanks to turn the tide of battle against the Central Powers. In the darkest days of the war, in desperation, the Kaiser makes a Faustian bargain that unleashes an invasion of legions of creatures from Faerie onto the European continent! Battlefield Press presents Kaiser's Gate, an alternate history, genre-blending setting for the Savage Worlds game system that presents a fantastic take on World War One - combining the gritty battlefields of the Great War with elements of magical fantasy and horror.

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