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Langue : Anglais
Référence : WZK71780
ISBN : 634482717806

Iconic Heroes is the latest release in the Pathfinder Battles series of pre-painted plastic miniatures from WizKids Games and Paizo Publishing.

Iconic Heroes Set 3 includes six all-new miniatures featuring legendary characters from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game universe:

  • Alahazra, Iconic Oracle
  • Damiel, Iconic Alchemist
  • Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor
  • Alain, Iconic Cavalier
  • Balazar, Iconic Summoner
  • Padrig, Eidolon

Each Iconic Heroes set also includes exclusive Cards (one for each miniature) for use in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! These special Cards are only available in this Pathfinder Battles product!

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le 11/07/2016 à 09h26

Bonjour , je voudrai savoir si les cartes distribuer avec les figurines sont en francais , et aussi savoir si on peut se les procurer sans acheter les figurines? Merci beaucoup

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