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[IDF] DnD5e - 3-DAY Adventure - LvL 10 - 30/10 to 01/11 - 6 players - in English - TV Tabletop - 1000 minis 1

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TLDR: 3 day weekend of LvL10 DnD one-shot. Are you in?

30/10 to 01/11

DM here, I am running a campaign in English but I want to test one of the big donjon of the Campaign before they get there.

I am looking for players 🙂
It is a quite big donjon and would take between 12h to 16h of gameplay. Would anyone be interested to play 3 days in a row of a homebrew high level (Level 10) with 6 players from Oct 30th to Nov 1st?


  • TV table top with real minis (I have 1000+ of them)

  • DnD 5e PC, Level 10, to be made on DnDbeyond, any book.

  • Game is in English

  • 6 players

  • 3 days back to back sessions, 4 to 5 hours per sessions

  • Played in Bezons (95870), afternoons.

  • Playing on 30/10, 31/10, 01/11

  • Everyone welcome

Would people be interested into something like that?
Feel free to ask your questions below!