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[IDF] Homebrew 5e campaign, starting in 09-2021 - 5 players, playing in English with TV table top and real minis 5

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My name is Guillaume and I am looking for 2 players to complete a team of 5 players for a 5E homebrew campaign that will start this September, in the Paris Area, and played in English.

Here are all the basic info to see if this could work for you. It if does, let's have a chat and discussing more in details content

Game: D&D 5e, Homebrew game for 5 players, True open-world.
Group type: Face-to-face
Experience: have at least played another DnD campaign before, or new to DnD but with significant other RP experience.
Location/Timezone: Paris Area (Bezons - 95870)
Schedule: Every Sunday late afternoon / evenings, First game in September, with a 1 shot to be played this summer.
Roles sought: 2 Players, any class from any book. Homebrew race & classes allowed if balanced. Party will start at Level 3.
Game style: A mix of Roleplay, Combat encounters and puzzle solving (both macro/micro level).
Language: Game will be played in English.
Set-up: Game will be played on a TV table top, with real minis (I have around a thousand of them), in session of at least 3 1/2 hours.
Setting: Heroic-Fantasy world, in which Gods have very limited interaction with anyone within the world but still exists. As it is a true open world, the full pitch of the campaign will be adapted from the PC backstories to make room for several potential character arcs for each player. Those arcs will change the outcome of the world and define through the players choices what/who the BBGE will be. (The setting has threats for 5 potential BBGEs, but another could come form the choices made... like an open world content ).
Ethic at the table: Everyone is welcome at the table. This is a safe space game. Players can have any age, gender, race, sexual-orientation, religious believes, etc... The only thing not tolerated at the table is bigotry itself. If any players willing to join the campaign as a theme/situation that is a hard NO, I will make sure that it doesn't occur, neither from the setting nor from anyone at the table content Just let me know!

Do you want to jump in and explore what Ugerth has to offer?

Pitch and map of the campaign available upon request.

Currently, 3 players are signed up. Looking for a 4th and 5th content

Let me know!


Hello my Name is Laure and my partner Dylan and I are looking for group to play, we just mouved around Paris.

He has played in a few campagnes and has DM the last one, I have played in 3 campagnes, with the 5th edition.

we are happy to of found a english speaking group , Dylan being from New-Zealand.

We look foward to hearing from you if you are still looking for players.

Have a nice evening.

Laure and Dylan.



Yes. Sending a message.




Hi, my girlfriend and I might be interested as well.
I can't seem to send you a private message as the button seems to be bugged.

Feel free to contact me if the offer is still on the table.



FYI campaign is full, but I also organized one-shots with the same set up, sp you can use this thread to get in touch for that.

The "pool" of players for one shots includes 11 players, so it makes it easier to schedule them.

In September, I will create a group (whatsApp) for people to join those games from 4 to 6 players, with an APL range from 5 to 15.