Faith the Sci-Fi RPG second edition (Corebook + Tiantang + 4 cards decks)

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Langue : Anglais
Référence : BGE11018 / BGE11023
ISBN : 9780993281471 / 9780993281488


The Core Book is the centerpiece of FAITH, and it will allow you and your friends to play bold adventures in its universe. It covers the rules and mechanics of the game, the setting and story of the universe, and everything in between. Beautifully illustrated, it will allow you to dive into a sci-fi setting with political intrigue, high octane action and strategical gameplay.

  • 392 pages, hardbound book.
  • Unique card-based system.
  • Rules for spaceship piloting and combat.
  • Optional miniature based-system.
  • NPCs, quests and adventure hooks.
  • In-depth look at the lore and species.
  • Gods, powers, and worshippers.

The Tiantang sourcebook is a 100 page long hardcover book. In it, you will meet notable people from Tiantang, the huge dyson ring where most of the corvo live; explore its different sectors the megacorp headquarters, mafia hideouts; and find many adventure seeds. It includes a foldout poster created by cross-section mastermind Hans Jenssen (Star Wars).

  • 100 pages, hardbound book.
  • Notable NPCs.
  • New Gear.
  • Inside look at the Corvo capital.
  • Insight into the Megacorps.
  • Explore the many sectors of Tiantang!
  • Includes fold-out space station poster by cross-section master Hans Jenssen.

Faith: Decks

To truly immerse in the universe, the following decks are welcome additions to the roster. The Player Decks are custom pokers decks with beautiful illustrations of the universe of FAITH. The NPC and Gear Decks will help you create fascinating encounters for your players using the NPCs found in these decks, or equip your character with the powerful gear pieces. All the information you need to use each NPC or piece of gear is contained within its card and the illustration will provide a nice visual reference for you and your group.


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