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Langue : Anglais
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ISBN : 978-1-937013-95-0
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Hardcover, 96 pages


In Savage Tales of Horror, a variety of horror-themed adventures await your unlucky players, from the Black Forest of The Savage World of Solomon Kane to the mobs and monsters of Deadlands Noir; from the lonely mountains of Deadlands to the far reaches of space in The Last Parsec; and from an Isle of Death in Weird Wars II to the modern horror of East Texas University!

Volume 2

  • In Love on a Mountain, the heart can be just as deadly as a gunslinger, and more tragic than a shot to the gut!
  • Missing livestock is blamed on wolves, but what is that sound at night, creeping from within the cracks…something that Skitters!
  • As part of an elite team sent to protect staff at an enigmatic Ice Hotel, there’s something evil that lurks in the frozen wastes, ancient and wanting…for Blood on Ice.
  • As players in a roleplaying game you love to fight demons and monsters as wizards and warriors. But what about when the LARP of Horror becomes all too real?
  • When the terraforming colony of Rosewood loses contact, your specialist team is sent to investigate. But what is this strange, creeping flora grown by the elusive colonists, and what is their dark secret?

Love on a Mountain may be used with the Deadlands setting. Rosewood may be used with The Last Parsec or Slipstream settings.

Savage Tales of Horror requires the Savage Worlds Core Rules and Savage Worlds Horror Companion

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