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Langue : Anglais
Référence : S2P10214 et S2P10215
ISBN : 978193


Death Rules This Land! From the sun-scorched earth to the empty noose swaying in the skeletal branches of the hangman`s tree to the bloodstained buzzards circling overhead, the Wild Southwest thirsts for souls. Make sure it dont get yours, partner!

A Plot Point Campaign and Sourcebook for the Deadlands: Reloaded, Stone and a Hard Place details the strange locales and odd characters of the American Southwest, provides new Edges and abilities to gussy up your Harrowed or hexslinger, new Setting Rules to emulate Deaths grip on the land, Savage Tales galore, and a passel o terrifying abominations.

This sturdy, double-sided poster-map for use with Deadlands: Reloaded - Stone and a Hard Place showcases the Weird West from Californias Maze to Missouri.

ATTENTION : ce produit nécessite le livre de base Deadlands pour être utilisé.

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