Dr. Wizard Elevation Indicator

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Don't know if the flying dragon is in range of the sorcerer's fireball? Get rid of the confusion!

Dr. Wizard’s Patented Elevation Indicators are the solution every gamer has been waiting for. His clear, three-inch tall rods are designed to hold a single medium-sized miniature and still fit any one-inch grid or hex system. Inscribed along the length of the rod are the elevation amounts and the colored bands clearly identify the character’s position.

Each Dr. Wizard’s Patented Elevation Indicators comes with two bands to determine the character’s location. The top set of numbers are a multiplication table (X0.1, X1.0, and X10), and the bottom set is 10-100 in tens, allowing for an elevation of 1 unit (foot, square, yard, meter, etc.) to 1000 units (foot, square, yard, meter, etc.). You can also invert your Elevation Indicator to show depths if you’re falling down a ravine or flying down a pit.

Whether playing in the sky or plunging down a rift, these great gaming aids will revolutionize your games and bring more fun to each combat.

Note: Figures and accessories sold separately.


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