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Certains d'entre vous connaissent peut être déjà un jeu de plateau nommé Dungeon fighter. Jeu italien localisé en France par Iello, c'est un jeu cooperatif de dungeon crawling a l'univers complètement barré et magnifiquement illustré. C'est surtout un jeu d'adresse dans lequel on doit littéralement jeter des dés sur une cible avec des contraintes plus debiles les unes que les autres.

il y a actuellement un reboot sur Kickstarter qui vient de réserver une petite surprise, l'adaptation du jeu en jdr.

Peu d'infos sur le système si ce n'est qu'il semble assez cretin puis qu'utilisant l'adresse dans ses lancers de dés !

Extrait de la news :

Monstronomicon is a hardcover rulebook for a whole new dexterity role-playing game set in the world of Dungeon Fighter, with more than 150 pages, 100 artworks, 15 hero classes, dozens of monsters, bosses and items, as well as background info, trivia and lore.

Each copy features its own foldable target, so that you do not need a copy of the Dungeon Fighter board games to play. Monstronomicon is a completely standalone game: a dexterity role playing experience to play with your friends with an easy, accessible, and streamlined set of rules that will bring your party to the funniest, silliest and unexpected of all role playing experiences.


You can play as a Barbarian, but can you play like a Barbarian? Can you throw your die from above your head, just like a Barbarian that slays an Orc? Can you drop two dice at once on the target with your left and right hands, just like the Alchemist brews his magic potions?

Each class is unique and every situation plays by its own rules. You want to hide from that giant Bullrog that entered the cave? Throw the die on the target from under the table. You’re facing the petrifying gaze of Medusa? Roll with your eyes closed and hope to defeat her. Will you jump that ravine, jumping from your carpet to the sofa? It’s up to you. And the die, obviously.

Each situation is highly narrative driven in the challenges you will face. The Supreme Dungeon Mastermind (the narrator formerly known as Dungeon Master) will play a big role in this challenge, too. May not be so easy to avoid the bear trap the SDM (Supreme Dungeon Mastermind) has just placed before your path, if you have to roll the dice while quickly lifting your foot.

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